Job Comparison – Data Scientist vs Data Engineer vs Statistician


Data Science is a flourishing industry. Countries and companies around the world are continuously experiencing a rush in the amount of data collected. They are determined to hire experts who can work on their data and improve their lives.

Such experts are known by many names. Most popular being, ‘Data Scientist’. Among others include Data Engineers, Data Architects, Statisticians etc. But, how many of us are clear about the difference in these roles and designations?

Analytics and Big Data Salary Report

As I’ve experienced, people are confused between a Data Scientist, Data Engineer and Statistics. Some end up concluding, all these people do the same job, its just their names are different. I got astonished at hearing such answers. With these thoughts in mind, I decided to create a simple infographic to help you understand the job roles of a Data Scientist vs Data Engineer vs Statistician. This will help you to decide the best job role for you in coming future.

infographic, data science jobs

If you have more questions about various designations and their roles, you can always post them in our discussion portals.

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