In case you missed it: May 2018 roundup

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In case you missed them, here are some articles from April of particular interest to R users.

The R Consortium has announced a new round of grants for projects proposed by the R community.

A look back at the ROpenSci unconference held in Seattle. 

Video of my European R Users Meeting talk, "Speeding up R with Parallel Programming in the Cloud".

Slides from my talk at the Microsoft Build conference, "Open-Source Machine Learning in Azure".

Discussions on Twitter: R packages by stage of data analysis; thinking differently about AI development; and, why is package management harder in Python than R? 

Our May 2018 roundup of AI and data science news.

Panelist Francesca Lazzeri reviews the Mind Bytes AI conference in Chicago.

And some general interest stories (not necessarily related to R):

  • A really bad road in Nepal
  • The definitive answer to "Laurel" or "Yanny" (it's Laurel)
  • A parody of air travel
  • When magpies attack

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