Great Sunday Reading

Here is our selection of featured articles and technical resources posted in the last few days:

Featured Resources and Technical Contributions

  • Neural network classification of data using Smile
  • Credit Risk Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network Algorithm
  • Basics of Bayesian Decision Theory
  • Swarm Optimization: Goodbye Gradients 
  • How to Build Customize Maps in Power BI?
  • College Hoops Conference Rankings
  • Autonomous Driving: Car detection with YOLO Model with Keras in Pyt...
  • Artificial Neural Networks: Part 1 
  • Email Classification into relevant labels using Neural Networks
  • A Simple Introduction to Complex Stochastic Processes - Part 2 

Featured Articles

  • Probabilistic Forecasting: Learning Uncertainty 
  • ML Explained: Supervised, Unsupervised & Reinforcement Learning
  • GDPR: an Opportunity to drive Customer Experience & Create Digi...
  • What is intelligence?
  • 5 Questions To Prepare You For Your Next Data Science Interview
  • Steps of Modelling 
  • Big Data and Machine Learning (Google case)
  • Strata – What a Difference a Year Makes 
  • Selected Recent Articles from Top DSC Contributors - Part 7 

Forum Questions

  • Analytics Training Problems for Logistics and Supply Chain Management 
  • Add column values as new row conditionally 
  • How to do inverse prediction in data science/machine learning 
  • How to use tools directory in “data science at the command line” repo? 
  • Research Problem for PhD Student 
  • Sales Forecasting 
  • Data science project example ? 

Upcoming DSC Webinars

  • Data Contributions to a Conversational AI Platform - March 28
  • rEvolutionize Your Analytics: Break Barriers to Insight - March 27
  • The Analytics Revolution: Evolution or Extinction - March 20

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