Great Sunday Reading

Here is our selection of featured resources and articles published recently on DSC:

  • Removing Confusion From Confusion Matrix - Hawaii False Missile Alert 
  • Neural Network Algorithms - Learn How To Train ANN +
  • Python Deep Learning tutorial: Create a GRU (RNN) in TensorFlow 
  • Searching on Google Maps using RStudio 
  • Automated Text Classification Using Machine Learning 
  • Python Data Science Handbook 
  • Recursive Graphics, Interpolation, Anti-aliasing and Image Transfor... 
  • A quick start to automatic audio data analysis 
  • 5 Free Data Science Books for the New Year 
  • Image Processing and Neural Networks Intuition: Part 2
  • 22 Great Articles and Tutorials on Classification Methods 
  • Best DSC Forum Questions - Part 7 
  • Predict - Prescribe - Prevent: Analytics Value Cycle 
  • What are the different types of data? 
  • 2017, the Year of AI 
  • What Exactly is Artificial Intelligence and Why is it Driving me Crazy 
  • Big Data Isn’t a Thing; Big Data is a State of Mind
  • Higher Ed?—?will it adapt? 

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