Creativity vs. Analytics: Are These Two Skills Incompatible?

In a nutshell, are great analytic people lacking creative skills? And are great creators lacking analytic skills? How to fix this gap?
Here are a few interesting questions:
  • Should analytic people focus on measuring, and nothing else? 
  • Do analytic people lack business skills because they were odd kids in high school, because the way the school system is working in US?
  • Is it impossible to hire great analytic people combining both soft and hard skills, because these very people are CEO's competing with your business and trying to kill you (business-wise) rather than work with you?
  • Do you think analytic people should not be involved in providing ideas to improve business?
  • Here are 5 ideas that were brought by analytic people: 
    • Idea suggested to Microsoft: add an "advertise with us" link on your front page
    • Idea suggested to Colgate: produce tooth paste with original flavors, for kids and for people who do not like fake mint
    • Idea suggested to Apple: turn off spell checker on web search, but turn it on when writing an email
    • Idea suggested to Google: index "related web pages", not just keywords, so that people can easily find "related links" as opposed to doing a pure keyword search - with all the limitations associated with keyword search
    • Idea suggested to the FBI: use decoy bank accounts to catch Nigerian and other fraudsters
    Do you think analytic people should not be involved in providing this type of insights to corporate executives, and if not, who should?

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