UN Millennium Development Goal Progress: Water, water, everywhere? (originally posted at StatSoft.com)

A few years ago, I was in rural West Texas looking for headstones of family members in a cemetery.  Fun way to spend a Saturday, right? It was nearly record-setting heat in July, and I didn’t bring enough water with me. The search took longer than any of us had expected and by the time I was thirsty, I was starting to feel awful. I found a rusty faucet in the ground and frantically turned the handle. I didn’t care if it was treated water that was safe to drink or not. It was wet, and that’s all that mattered. 

Luckily I didn’t get dysentery or cholera that day. And luckily I only needed a few handfuls of water to recover before my family drove the few miles down the road to a grocery store to get FDA-regulated bottled water. 

Isn't it great that I only have one "that time I drank questionable water" personal anecdote? 

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