Data Analytics For Beginners: A Practical Guide To Master Data Analytics

Data Analytics For Beginners: A Practical Guide To Master Data Analytics

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Are you ready to discover why data analytics is the only hope for fact based decisions?

Would you like learn how insightful-driven decisions can help organizations manage their strategic, operation and financial performance that can help them increase their shareholder value?

This book explores all the concepts about data analytics that can help any beginner to master data analytics and its applications in several industries.

Chapter one provides an overview of data analytics where the foundations of data analytics are explained in details. If you want to get started right away, you’ll also learn the requirements for data scientists in this chapter.

In chapter two, a detailed discourse on conducting analytic data research is provided to give you a big picture view of how data analytics is done.

In chapter three, descriptive statistics is explored where you’ll learn measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion.

Chapter four reviews all the charts and graphs that you can use to communicate your analytic results.

In chapter five, you’ll learn the applications of data analysis in organizations. Finally, in chapter six, you’ll learn some of the valuable tools that can help you advance your professional career in data analytics. You’ll also learn why smart contracts are emerging as the next technologies for smart data analysis.

Take action today and discover the power of Data Analytics