Video Game Sales with Ratings

Datasets Description

Video game sales from Vgchartz and corresponding ratings from Metacritic
# Context Motivated by Gregory Smith's web scrape of VGChartz [Video Games Sales][1], this data set simply extends the number of variables with another web scrape from [Metacritic][2]. Unfortunately, there are missing observations as Metacritic only covers a subset of the platforms. Also, a game may not have all the observations of the additional variables discussed below. Complete cases are ~ 6,900 # Content Alongside the fields: Name, Platform, Year_of_Release, Genre, Publisher, NA_Sales, EU_Sales, JP_Sales, Other_Sales, Global_Sales, we have:- - Critic_score - Aggregate score compiled by Metacritic staff - Critic_count - The number of critics used in coming up with the Critic_score - User_score - Score by Metacritic's subscribers - User_count - Number of users who gave the user_score - Developer - Party responsible for creating the game - Rating - The [ESRB][3] ratings # Acknowledgements This repository,, after a few adjustments worked extremely well! # Inspiration It would be interesting to see any machine learning techniques or continued data visualizations applied on this data set. [1]: [2]: [3]: