Introductory Statistics : Analyzing Data Using Graphs and Statistics

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Course Description

Instructors:  Ryu Keun-kwan
Instructors:  Jung-min Lee
School:  SNUx
Why do we study statistics? The field of statistics provides professionals and scientists with conceptual foundations and useful techniques for evaluating ideas, testing theories, and - ultimately - uncovering the truth in any situation.

This course will familiarize you with data and basic statistical concepts, enabling you to analyze data using graphs and statistics. We'll start with types of data, controlled experiments, and observational study. You'll learn to use a histogram, a representation of the distribution of numerical data, to easily arrange data.

You will learn about basic concepts of statistics, such as average and standard deviation. Methods of using the normal approximation to solve a problem will be covered in this course. In addition, we'll discuss the correlation coefficient and the regression method in order to represent the relationship between two variables.