Essential Tools For The Low Carbon Economy

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Course Description

Instructors:  Adrian Ward
Instructors:  Simone Elias
Instructors:  Karen Hussey
School:  UQx

Want to be a key player in transitioning your organisation to the low carbon economy? This course is ideally suited to business managers, financial managers, business-intelligent analysts and data scientists interested in remaining competitive in a low carbon economy.

This course will equip you with the knowledge and essential skills to manage the risks and opportunities of transitioning to the low carbon economy. Adopting the role of a key employee in a fictitious company, you will learn about different policy responses to climate change, how to measure your organisation’s carbon footprint, how to compare projects based on emissions reduction and cost, and how to participate in an emissions trading scheme.

This interactive course incorporates videos, expert insights, real-world case studies, skills-based practical exercises and scenario-based problem solving to teach you the essential policy and mathematical concepts that organisations are looking for in order to manage their emissions, select financially viable projects, and meet their potential compliance obligations into the future.

Unique prize opportunity! Throughout the course, participants will earn points for how effectively they measure and manage their fictional company’s greenhouse gas emissions. At the end of the course, top-scoring students will be sent a prize from The University of Queensland's Carbon101x team!