Bioinformatics Capstone: Big Data in Biology

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Course Description

Instructors:  Pavel Pevzner
Instructors:  Phillip E. C. Compeau
School:  University Of California, San Diego
About this course: In this course, you will learn how to use the BaseSpace cloud platform developed by Illumina (our industry partner) to apply several standard bioinformatics software approaches to real biological data. In particular, in a series of Application Challenges will see how genome assembly can be used to track the source of a food poisoning outbreak, how RNA-Sequencing can help us analyze gene expression data on the tissue level, and compare the pros and cons of whole genome vs. whole exome sequencing for finding potentially harmful mutations in a human sample. Plus, hacker track students will have the option to build their own genome assembler and apply it to real data! Who is this class for: This course is aimed at technically-minded students who have completed the first six courses in the Bioinformatics Specialization.