Tips on Installing RapidMiner’s R extension on a Windows Machine

Although I use both R and RapidMiner in my work, I have been “late to the party” in installing RapidMiner’s R extension on my Windows machine. The primary reason being that over time I have built a regular workflow that uses these two tools separately. Also, I am one of those folks who don’t go looking for trouble. After reading several postings on how after installing the extension users couldn’t get RapidMiner started again, I figured I should let this integration fad pass or at least wait for Rapid-I to address the issue.

Well, curiosity took the best of me and I installed it. Actually, I believe I jerry-rigged it, but if you are one of those folks who are wishing to get the R extension working and you haven’t had any luck yet – here are your rude, crude but quick tips to get it working.

It is worth noting that I use a 64bit box running Windows 7. I have the latest-and-greatest R installed (at least at the time of this posting, v2.13.0).

Follow the instructions given by Rapid-I, but also note the following:

TIP ONE: SET YOUR R_HOME variable to the R “root” directory, NOT to the bin directory.

On my machine it is C:\Program Files\R\2.13.0

TIP TWO: SET YOUR JAVA HOME variable to the jre ASSOCIATED WITH RAPID MINER. Don’t know why this is important, but I couldn’t get the extension running using the jre installed in C:\Program Files\Java. Just saying……just do it.

On my machine that is C:\Program Files\Raid-I\RapidMiner5\jre

TIP THREE: (OK – Here is the crude, Mickey Mouse, Fisher-Price, fix to get this thing working…) COPY ALL THE FILES IN

C:\Program Files\R\2.13.0\bin\x64


C:\Program Files\R\2.13.0

Yep, sounds pretty silly, but hey – I am running the extension, thank you. I think it has something to do with not having a LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable, like on UNIX setups. If this was the case, I think adding C:\Program Files\R\2.13.0\bin\x64 to LD_LIBRARY_PATH would have fixed this. One thing I didn’t try is adding both
C:\Program Files\R\2.13.0\bin\x64 AND C:\Program Files\R\2.13.0 to the PATH environmental variable – I am told that works too.

Best of luck, and let me know how it worked for you!


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