Personal Loans Online: Finance Your Dream Wedding

India is a country where a wedding is given so much importance and same is with the wedding ceremonies. For a normal wedding, it costs lakhs and lakhs of rupees. Even most of the couples want their wedding to be a dream wedding and have a fair idea of what they want to do to transform their wedding from a normal wedding to a Dream Wedding or a big fat wedding. Where marriage ceremonies are dreamlike and thrilling, they are also exceedingly pricey. Even if one has managed to save for the Dream Wedding of their son or daughter, it may happen that some unexpected expenditure comes which can't avoid those. Thus, fulfilling these unplanned expenditures exceeds your budget. It may also happen that, costs of little things come up surprising for as this is the first time you are planning a wedding. Hence, managing expenses of your Dream Weddings are not possible for everyone.

Wedding expenditures include booking a venue for the accommodating of the guests, providing lunch, dinner, refreshments etc. to guests, decoration, photography, videography, gifts, dresses and much more. Weddings have become a huge expense for people of normal income level. The average expenditure for an Indian marriage in the present date is costing 15 to 20 lakhs.

The way to meet several expenses to turn your wedding into a Dream wedding is here. A personal Loan with Finance Buddha allows you to finance your wedding without giving any stress or tension to you.

But before you apply for a personal loan calculate the budget of your wedding, and then consider applying for an Insta Iona or a personal loan to help pay for your special day in a stress-free way.

A need of a Personal Loan or an Insta Loan for Wedding


1) Engagement

Engagement is the very first impression making factor to your spouse. Make her/him and your in-laws impressed by not lacking behind in any means in celebrating the beginning of your new life. Normally an engagement ceremony will cost up to 4-5 lakhs for a middle-class family.

2) Dream Wedding Reception

Host your celebration in such a way that you just might talk about it for the rest of your lives. Make your important moments everlasting and memorable not only for the newly wedded couple but also for all the guests and relatives who have attended the celebration.

3) Dream Honeymoon

 Going to your dream destination on your honeymoon is the best way to start a new life. Give a great start to your married life with an awesome honeymoon trip with your partner.

To help transform your wedding to a dream wedding, Finance Buddha is always there with its Insta Loan. Finance Buddha online personal loan is an entirely online process. You don't have to visit a bank or the lender physically.

Online personal loans are always very convenient when you are running out of time. You can get a personal loan online with Finance Buddha only by filling the application form and uploading the scanned copies of your documents to our website.

Benefits of Applying for Insta Loan with Finance Buddha

Loan amount starts from INR.50,000 to INR.1,000,000. So that you can apply for any amount you are in need of within this limit.

No physical documentation is required. You simply need to upload the scanned copies of your documents to our website.

Your loan will be disbursed within 24 hrs. Once you apply for the loan, you will have the loan amount in your bank account within 48 hours.

You can take up to 2 years to repay the full loan amount.

The process is totally hassle-free and fast.

Easy repayment options are available through EMI, which makes you more comfortable to repay your loan. EMIs will totally depend on your loan amount, tenure and the interest rate.

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