Infographic: Data Visualization Tools For Data scientists & analysts


Here is a famous quote on learning:

If we create a similar ordering on ability to interpret data in various forms – the order will surely look like this:

Text < Table < Charts < Interactive Charts

On the other hand, the amount of data which needs processing and interpretation is increasing by the second. Combined, these two factors are making data visualization an integral form of data science workflow – probably more important than ever before.

In order to address this need for creating simple, yet powerful visualization, there are multiple tools which can come in handy. However, a lot of analysts & data scientists are not aware of these tools. Hence, we have created an infographic, which provides high level overview of various tools people use for creating data visualization.

Data Visualization Tools

What do you think about the infographic? Do you think, there are other tools which should be part of this infographic? If yes, let us know through comments below

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