Great Saturday Reading

Here is our selection of featured articles and resources recently published:


  • Implementing a Neural Network from Scratch in Python 
  • Word Embedding Clustering Method for Tweets 
  • Recommender Engine - Under The Hood 
  • Information retrieval document search in R 
  • CNN for Short-Term Stocks Prediction using Tensorflow 
  • Decoding Machine Learning Methods 
  • Book: Machine Learning: a Probabilistic Perspective 
  • Book: A Guide to Data Science for Fraud Detection 
  • Machine Learning Glossary by Google 


  • Deep Learning: The Information Bottleneck 
  • Closed Computational System Leads to Bloated Databases 
  • Using Data Analytics to Prevent, Not Just Report 
  • J.P. Morgan's Comprehensive Guide on Machine Learning 
  • Chatbot Best Practices - Making Sure Your Bot Plays Well With Users 
  • Data Tagging in Medical Imaging 

Enjoy the reading!

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