Great Saturday Reading

Here is our selection of featured articles and resources posted in the last few days:

  • The Gaussian Correlation Inequality in One Picture 
  • Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications - 2nd... 
  • Programming Languages for Data Science and ML - With Source Code Illustrations
  • Learning Binary Classification by Simulations 
  • High Precision Computing in Python or R 
  • Elman RNN implementation in Tensorflow 
  • Inside the black box 
  • How Biometric Authentication Works - Infographics
  • Best DSC Forum Questions - Part 3 
  • The 3 Phases of Digital Transformation 
  • AI In Telecom: Intelligent Operations is the New Norm 
  • Under the Hood With Chatbots 
  • AI and the future of healthcare 
  • What Will Shape the Future of Machine Learning in 2018? 

Enjoy the reading!

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