US Baby Names

Datasets Description

Explore naming trends from babies born in the US
US Social Security applications are a great way to track trends in how babies born in the US are named. releases two datasets that are helplful for this: one at the [national level]( and another [at the state level]( Note that only names with at least 5 babies born in the same year (/ state) are included in this dataset for privacy. [![benjamin](]( I've taken the raw files here and combined/normalized them into two CSV files (one for each dataset) as well as a SQLite database with two equivalently-defined tables. The code that did these transformations is [available here]( *New to data exploration in R? Take the free, interactive DataCamp course, "[Data Exploration With Kaggle Scripts](," to learn the basics of visualizing data with ggplot. You'll also create your first Kaggle Scripts along the way.*