My Uber Drives

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Complete Details of My Uber Drives in 2016
# Context My Uber Drives (2016) Here are the details of my Uber Drives of 2016. I am sharing this dataset for data science community to learn from the behavior of an ordinary Uber customer. # Content Geography: USA, Sri Lanka and Pakistan Time period: January - December 2016 Unit of analysis: Drives Total Drives: 1,155 Total Miles: 12,204 Dataset: The dataset contains Start Date, End Date, Start Location, End Location, Miles Driven and Purpose of drive (Business, Personal, Meals, Errands, Meetings, Customer Support etc.) # Acknowledgements & References Users are allowed to use, download, copy, distribute and cite the dataset for their pet projects and training. Please cite it as follows: “Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani, My Uber Drives Dataset, Kaggle Dataset Repository, March 23, 2017.” # Past Research Uber TLC FOIL Response - The dataset contains over 4.5 million Uber pickups in New York City from April to September 2014, and 14.3 million more Uber pickups from January to June 2015 1.1 Billion Taxi Pickups from New York - What you can do with this data - a good example by Yao-Jen Kuo - # Inspiration Some ideas worth exploring: • What is the average length of the trip? • Average number of rides per week or per month? • Total tax savings based on traveled business miles? • Percentage of business miles vs personal vs. Meals • How much money can be saved by a typical customer using Uber, Careem, or Lyft versus regular cab service?